Thursday, October 30, 2008


When attempting to teach youngsters kickball, it's important to remember that it's not all about winning. In fact, kids this age aren't the least bit concerned with who gets the trophy. Liv, Holland, and Mary had a kickball lesson today. Several times, these sweet gals just decided they were done running bases after only second base, and instead veered off to play in the dirt. Even so, I do think they learned a few things today.

For example:

It's definitely cool to play kickball wearing striped socks.

Base location: Make sure players know where the bases are before the start of the game.

They were taught how to run the bases. (yes, this is something that actually has to be shown)

Remember, this is kickball. Make sure the kids know that:

And even if you miss the ball, apparently it's okay to run around the bases anyway:

Kickball is more fun when you smile (even if you sacrifice speed because of that smile):

Always, ALWAYS cheer and comfort your teammates.

It's polite and considerate to wait your turn.

And the dugout is definitely the most fun part of playing kickball.


Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness, you really captured the day! I love the one of us all looking so lost, trying to find the base. But, Holland, running with that million dollar smile...WOW!!! That took some "catching" cuz she'd never intentionally smile for the camera like that! Thanks for documenting it all. We'll get you running the bases next time.

Danielle said...

Oh man, your kids are cute. It looks like it was a great day. I'm now wondering how I can connect kickball to language arts tomorrow. Hmmmmm

Sharon said...

Okay... so next time I'm in need of a photographer - I know who I'm calling! You really know how to capture a moment and the whole event! That looked like SO much fun!

R said...

Wow. they are so cute. Great photos


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