Saturday, September 25, 2010

God Is Awake

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake." - Victor Hugo

Faithful friends,

Please join me in praying for my sweet friend, Steph and her family as she undergoes surgery on Monday for a double mastectomy, the second phase of her battle with breast cancer. Pray that the peace of God would surround her and her entire family and that the surgeons would be skilled and wise. Also, that the cancer would be gone. We love you Stephanie, and are praying for you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holland's 5th Birthday

It was September 19th, 2005--just me and my girl as dad and big sister had gone home. Looking at the squirmy bundle in my arms, by the warm, soft light of the a.m. hospital night lights, I hugged her tight and knew--knew--that this girl would have my heart, and I hers. And I still feel it today...Holland and I have a sweet little bond and I am so very grateful for her life. She is 5...yes, I gulp when I say it. But it makes me so happy to see her healthy and growing up so sweetly.

The morning started with a streamer doorway to walk through (thank you Sharon for the idea!),


and a tall silver-dollar stack of pancakes.

Presents followed. Can you tell that Holland's "love language" is gifts? :o) Here she gets some princess-shaped band bracelets from Liv.

Reese also got a present in the mail from Grandpa...

a present wrapped in such a way that also gifted Liv :o).

Perfect timing: Holland received a very special phone call during present opening from her good friends, Damie and Stumpy, Kedrick, Victor, and Eva. It made her morning!

After breakfast, Holland takes a spin on her scooter wearing her new finger-less gloves, sherpa boots, and cupcake necklace.

They all seem to work fine and don't get in the way of her serious form.

Liv and Holland's birthdays are only 3 weeks apart. So we'll plan a together-birthday this year. We've done this before, and had a special family time together on the actual birthday. But this year, Holland sure got spoiled. I always say that you are never quite alone in Boise. And I always also say that the girls are going to grow up disillusioned about friendships and life...that whatever they do, friends will be present. Church, birthdays, grocery stores, even camping....we seem to run into friends wherever we go. This particular day, though, Holland was adamant about apple picking, and it just so happened that Mary and Kaneda's Grandma Patti was in town and they had wanted to also take her apple picking. That, and a timely phone call from our awesome-and-husband-less-for-the-weekend-friend Katie and her two kids...we had a regular party going on at the apple orchard. I sure hope that Holland doesn't think she gets two parties every year. :o) But it did make the fact that daddy had to be away for work a little bit easier.

We had a beautiful, perfect day at the orchard and picked buckets of apples and plums. A picnic in the orchard made our day perfect. Here Holland listens to her friends sing, "Happy Birthday."

Georgia Reese walks with Grandma Patti.

It was a cross-your-legs type of day.

I'm not positive, but I think that Reese lost her britches. It's all a part of being a third child. It's character-building. At least I try to tell myself that so I don't feel too guilty that she's posing for a picture without any pants. I mean, shouldn't I be her advocate? It's not like she knows it's not kosher to be without pants!

Afterwards, I took the girls out to a Mexican restaurant. Holland was insistent that she wanted Mexican food. I took them to Chapalas, where she ordered....chicken nuggets. :o)

I tried showing Reese how to kiss her doll, and this is what she did when it was her turn:

And Holland thinks that is pretty funny.

Happy Birthday to my apple-picking-lovin-girl! You are sweeter than I can even describe!

Friday, September 17, 2010

An Interview

Recently, the author of, Jen (a.k.a. MOM) was able to catch up with the one and only Holland E. Wieber and she agreed to share some of her private thoughts about turning 5-years-old.

What's your favorite color, Holland? "Well, I like all the colors of the rainbow, and all the colors of the world. Isn't that a lot?"

Favorite food? "Corn pudding and corn chowder because they both have corn in them and they both taste good."

What do you like best about being in your family? "Reese is in our family. And I like math and coloring a lot and I love snuggling with mommy and I love daddy a lot."

What profession would you like when you are older? "I'm not sure--maybe a painter. What do you want to be when you get older, mom? Oh! I want to be a mom. I want to be a mom because you said it's a fun job."

What would you tell your younger friends about being a 4-year-old? "It's very fun because soon you'll get to be five."

You're turning five! What do you think is the best part of being five? "Being 5 will be fun because I might be able to ride my bike without training wheels just like Red Riding Hood does. All I need is a hood."

What are your favorite books? "The cat one, Cinderella, and my bible."

Favorite song: "Every Move I Make". It's a worship song. I learned it in Awana's."

What's your favorite Car? "A yellow convertible because they are fast. Faster than other cars. But Chelsea's car is the most fast." Hmmmmmmm. (Need more be said? Ok, here's more! :o)

Now that you are older, what do you think you could teach to other kids? "I think I could teach Reese about Jesus. And even Eva. I could teach her. Or actually they [Damie and Stephanie] can teach her. "

What are you hoping to learn this year? "I want to learn to write like Liv and draw gingerbread men and snowmen. "

Any other thoughts before we wrap up this interview, Holland? "I think I would like earrings. I've never tried them before. Oh--and, "Wowie Kaflowie".

And there you have it folks. A much sought-after interview from Holland Wieber herself.

Below you will see a few favorite pictures of the last year:

This year has been a big one for Holland and when I look at this picture, it tears me up every time.

Being a big sister for the first time suits her quite well. She took all the changes in stride and has been a protective, nurturing, helpful big sis.

Holland is always happy when there's soda present.

Holland's crazy side:

I'm so grateful for this daughter number 2. She is our family's goofball and prayer warrior all in the same breath...a compassionate, thoughtful, reflective, competitive, musical, artistic, fashion-forward little girl. I can barely believe she's five. I'm celebrating her beautiful life today and thanking God for giving her to our family. Say a little prayer with me today, will you? That Holland will grow up with a strong faith and compassion, and a joyful heart that just won't quit singing songs of gratefulness.

We love you Hollywags!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girl's Getaway

Thanks to some pretty sweet (and when I say sweet, I do mean sweet, but also Su-weeet!) friends, a trip to McCall with just girls (yes, we left the children at home...11 between all of us) was planned and implemented and I was so blessed to be a part of it. I have known these ladies for at least 5 years--some for longer--and how wonderful it was to get some time together. I didn't have to wipe one bottom--not one--while I was there! :o) If that's too much information--too bad. This was monumental for me!

First, though, thank you to Sharon's mom who generously offered up the use of her beautiful condo and to Sharon (who couldn't come, booo!) who graciously gave up the beloved cleaning token. You are wonderful!!!

We also have pretty awesome husbands, to hold down the fort while we got to play. I tell you, all children were accounted for when we returned. And loved and fed and tucked in, and smiling, and just so happy to have spent some quality time with their daddies. Thank you, men!

Not only was it a beautiful thing just to get to sleep in, and we also enjoyed sushi, making dinner together (5 stars for Katie's Chinese Chicken Salad!), consuming large amounts of chocolate, hot tubbing, hiking to a gorgeous waterfall, being stalked by raccoon, and fun, fun conversation. I also fulfilled a goal of mine to learn to crochet. THANK YOU to Katie...who is a pro-teacher. I have found a new hobby that I love!! Oh, and what girl's weekend would be complete without thrift store shopping? I tell you, our weekend was complete! So many of our friends couldn't make the trip due to prior engagements, sheer busyness, or just timing. You were missed and we look forward to doing this again!

Here we are heading out to sushi:

This little guy and his scruffy little friend hung out right outside the back deck. He was so cute.

We headed to Goose Creek, a spot Suz had been to. It was absolutely gorgeous and we were rewarded with a spectacular waterfall view at the end.
We kept seeing the holes in the trees we passed. If anyone knows what, or who :o), causes them, let me know!
If caterpillars could play the lottery, this little guy should. He made it all the way across the trail without getting trampled on by those in front.
And this spider was dangling in the pathway. Thanks to my fast-acting-friend, Suz, I was able to continue walking down the trail spider-free.

Here we are enjoying the first view point.

And here Katie and I take a picture. I always end up looking like a robot in these types of pictures. It must be the angle. Not my short arms, right?

We made it!
I love treetops.

Even without our manly men here on this trip with us, we managed to stay calm. Check out our cool exteriors, here! We sure are brave.

Happy Trails were had by us all. Thank you girls for such a great time!!!


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