Friday, October 24, 2008

Chester's gettin' T-bone steak tonight!

HUGE sigh of relief! Our Chesterboy is home!!! He was taken in by a family one street down and treated like royalty for 2 whole days. They have two little boys and they were really disappointed that they couldn't keep him. We are so relieved that he is ok, and that he had a warm place to sleep the last few days. Poor Chester. He really is quite the girly-man. But shhhhh! Don't tell him I said so.


GregP said...

Woohoo! Praise God! The same thing happened with Manna a couple years ago... the kids didn't want to give her back.

Sharon said...

So glad to hear he's home safe and sound! I bet the girl's even sleep with him now to keep an eye on him :-)

The Swans said...

This is good to hear. We actually saw the sign on the greenbelt entrance and said to each other--- "Hey, What a coincidence! We know a dog named 'Chester' and a guy named 'Brian' in this neighborhood--- but that's a picture of a different dog. " I guess we are not so very astute in canine identification.


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