Friday, July 6, 2012

Go Away Rain

by Holland Elise Wieber

Rain, I love to watch
the drops of you fall down
and I love you but I
think I have had enough
of sitting out in the rain

Rain, don't bother me
though your rainbows
are so beautiful...wait--
I think I have a better idea.
What if you stayed?

How about rainbows
everywhere in a circle
around the whole world
so everyone can see it.

So how about that, Mr. Rain?

Monday, July 2, 2012

You Are Here

Where are you?  I think or say
And without pause I hear You.

 River babbles and branches
knock.  Breeze rustles.

 Wind grazes my cheek
And there—I hear my name.

 Yes, you are all around me
And if I choose to slow

 I can hear you call
And invite me to stay


In your sweet presence
And absolute peace

 And throughout the day,
When I have left my chair

 and long gone about my way
I stop and listen and

 you are still here
Even when I am unaware.


Let’s meet again tomorrow
And never not meet, I say

 I love you my God.  


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