Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Livvy Lou Whoo!

We had Liv's "camp-out" last night and, of course, she loved it. Yesterday, when we were completing our daily "calendar" activity, I showed Liv that her birthday was TOMORROW! I immediately got a sad look.

"What's the matter?"I ask.

"I'm sad that I'm still not five!"

This statement comes after strenuous attempts on her part, to accelerate the aging process. Piles of raw spinach and consequent gagging have been consumed and endured; skills, such as skipping and somersaulting and counting money have been perfected; tantrums have decreased and overall good behavior has increased--all this to try to "be" 5 before her actual birthday. She would do something considerably grown-up and then ask Brian: "Now am I five?" And then, of course, you have heard about her shock that her friend Colin would turn 5 before she.

Now this blessed day has arrived, and it was pure joy to break the news to her this morning:

"Yes, Liv, you are five."

I wish you could have seen her smile.


Sharon said...


We Love You,
The Cooney's!!!!!

R said...


Glad she had a good birthday.

Are you guys done having kids?


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