Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tis the Season...

...of birthday parties, here at our home. This year, the girls' parties were truly suited to the unique girls that they are. Holland's was really fun to plan, as she has been memorizing the verse, "This is the Day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!" We were really struggling with Holland for awhile because she was having a discontented and grouchy attitude. So, we decided to have her sing or say this verse each morning. It was amazing how much it impacted her little heart. God's word truly is alive! She is happier, more joyful and sweetly content when she remembers that God made this day and she's going to be happy! So, in celebration of this, we had a This is the Day party. She was so excited...the party of close friends was supposed to be at the park..and was, for about 10 minutes. :o)

I love this picture, because it shows Holland running to embrace Mary as soon as she saw that Mary had arrived. Mary returned the gesture. They ran this way from all the way across the park!

Then the wind and the rain and the thunder and the lightning and the outright downpour all blew in at the same time.

Holland was blown underneath the picnic table, Liv burst into tears because our napkins were fluttering away, and the guys all grabbed our picnic gear and we piled into our cars. On the way home, Holland asked in her sweetest voice: "Mommy, did I open my presents?" Here Holland was...strapped into her carseat to go home...after only 10 minutes at her party. And she thought her party was over. She wasn't whining or complaining...only confused at whether or not there was an actual present opening ceremony at her party. That alone, was a miracle...her sweet attitude.

When we reached the shelter of our home, Troy brought out his guitar and lead the kids in song. "This is the Day" was the first song and Holland requested it twice. :o) The kids all sang and played instruments. It was a warm, blessed time with friends and was made even cozier with the storm outside. It reminds me that in this life full of stormy turmoil, we can have joy and peace because we have The Lord. With Him, we always have a safe haven...a cozy place to go. But we won't get that shelter if we don't go to it. Unless we decide to run to Him, we'll get stuck in the rain!

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