Friday, January 28, 2011

2010, Year in Review

I love to look back at my photo folder titled: "Yearly Favorites." In it can be found countless memories and lasting moments.

For instance:

This year, our bike train officially became longer than our car. We found a tandem tag-along to allow Holland the chance to ride like contributing member of our train. And she contribute she did. We even had the girls bike us home one day from one side of the neighborhood to the other. Meanwhile, Brian and I put our feet up for much needed rest.

This was a year of "Firsts" for Reese: First trip to the Zoo, first visit to the waterpark, first snow day.

Oh, and the first time we discovered her insatiable love for LIFE cereal.

This year, our close friend Stephanie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone chemo, surgery, and now radiation. And bolstered our faith in God the entire time. She's been a walking example of God's strength. Here we are at a make-up class put on at St. Lukes. It was such a sweet time for me, and an honor to spend time with her in the middle of this hardship. Whenever I left her presence, I went away in awe of The God we serve. He has provided her with such grace. It hasn't been easy--in fact it's been miserable--but she has chosen to trust in God. And because of this she pours out joy wherever she is.

Our dear little baby was dedicated to God at Calvary Chapel Middleton. This was so exciting for hand her life over to God--the one who made her. It also meant a lot to have Troy dedicate her.

Just loved these pictures:

We continued to Homeschool this year and loved it: This pictures shows the technology benefit our kids will have that we didn't. A quick question about apple preference on facebook provided the girls with a great amount of data to successfully make a pictograph.

Liv received a special ribbon at Awana's for completing 2 books. The questions from other parents were funny: How much did you have to push Liv to finish all that? How many verses did you make her do a week? Lucky for us, we don't have to egg her on at all. :o)

We attended a Greek Festival downtown this year with our great friends, Matt and Tanya. We had a blast.

Brian had the opportunity to grapple in a few tournaments. They took a lot of practice and dedication on his part and we loved watching him. In one tournament, Brian signed up for 2 different weight classes and so had to grapple countless times, even men 60 pounds heavier. The girls loved collecting medals. It exhausted me just watching him...he is so strong.

Waiting for another match:

The girls were so proud of him:

Both girls waited all year for a chance to race in the Main Street Mile.

Apparently, so did Brian:

The girls participated in HP's "Bring Your Little Inventor To Work" day. Can you see the excitement? :o)

I've seriously lost track of how many teeth Liv has lost. All I know is that she's definitely growing up!

For Father's Day, a bunch of our friends gathered for a rainy hike at More's Mountain. It was muddy and windy and SO. MUCH. FUN.

We were able to travel to Winter Park, CO for a wedding this year. Brian's good buddy in H.S. got married. On the way there and back, we camped at the Timpoganoes caves and had a blast.

I celebrated 35 years this year and got to spend the whole day with my girls. I love Reese's arm on Holland's head. Happy memories!

We were able to celebrate our freedom again this year with our neighborhood friends (and fun was had by all!):

The garden was a favorite escape for Reese. She loved sniffing flowers, watering, and stomping in the mud.

We decorated our bikes and helmets and shoes with foil and rode in the Tour de Fat Bike parade this year. It was pure fun.

Reesie turned one and we celebrated with sweet friends at the park.

The girls asked about the fair at least 360 times this year and were ecstatic to finally get to go.

Brian, Kristin, and Tulug participated in the Exterra Race. They did awesome and won third place. Here the kids are "trying on" a win to see how it feels....

and up way too early, cheering parents on. (except Reese looks like she'd been up for hours, hanging out at the local coffee joint):

We were camping fools this year. Brian was acting the part of Mountain Man here:

Me, trying on a mossy mustache:

Katie arranged for our playgroup to tour a fire station. It was great!

And we toured the Boise Capitol with our friend's Anna, Esther, and Isabel:

It was so wonderful to celebrate our friend Myna's birthday, her first one here in the states. It was such a precious celebration and surreal that she is finally here with her sweet family. We loved on her and got to ride ponies (the girls were ecstatic!):

I got to go on a Girl's Weekend to McCall and enjoyed hiking, sushi, and crocheting. I love my friends!

Apple orchards are one of our favorite things! Holland got to go picking on her birthday!

And every year is more complete with a visit to the pumpkin patch:

The girls got to dress up a few days before Halloween and go trick-or-treat from cubicle to cubicle. They dressed as kick-boxers and wore black eyes that matched their daddy's. :o) Reese went as dorothy:

My sis, Aunt Bucky came to visit and the girls loved on her for a whole week:

We celebrated the girls' 5th and 7th birthday together.

Thanksgiving tradition at The Drakes. The year my parents, Steph's parents, and Katie and Adam and their parents got to join us. The guys had a great time chatting.

Holland got an award this year for "First Wieber Child to Go To The ER". She split her head open on our table bench and had to have it glued shut. She was so brave.

The girls saved up their money to have their ears pierced. Though I told Holland countless times that it was going to hurt, not tickle (like her friend told her it would), I don't think she ever fully believed me. It hurt.

But nothing a sucker couldn't fix:

But the best event of the whole year was the day last Spring the girls chose to be baptized "because they love Jesus" in front of all their friends and church family. It was a wonderful occasion and such a praise to witness such boldness and the desire to live for Christ in our two little girls. A few weeks later, one particularly tough afternoon, Holland came to me crying, "Mom, How come it's so hard not to sin? I think it should be easier now that I'm baptized." The girls took this so seriously and still celebrate their decision to be baptized. My pictures became ruined in my memory card somehow but these managed to show the event clearly enough.

2010 was a wonderful year of growth and stretching and I'm so thankful to God for his faithfulness. I'm also thankful for the loyal and encouraging friends and family He's given. I'm looking forward to the excitement of 2011! :o)


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