Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mud Angels

What do 3 snow-lovin girls do when the snow they have waited and wished for becomes the melty variety of snow in just mere hours?

Well, thankfully, these girls are flexible...

The results of a recent snow day:

3 VERY muddy girls
1 mud angel

an amazing mud path to the patio door
1 rather large pile of dark brown clothes and boots
1 wash machine filled with leaves, rocks, and probably manure (since play time WAS in the garden after all).
1 bath tub full of clean girls and muddy water.

and best of all...A very fun memory!!

Um...yeah....we do like mud around here.  Why do you ask?  :o)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holland's Picnik Creation

Fondue Love

I am the first to admit that my hero husband has a hard job.  I mean, really, three four girls?  I like to think that most of the time he is a very blessed man (hehe) and truly, he goes around EVERYWHERE bragging that he is the luckiest man alive.  But when Valentine's Day rolled around this year, I really felt the weight FOR him.  He not only has me to please on Valentine's Day, but now that the girls are older and "get" Valentine's Day, he now has 4 girls to please.  Good thing we're all easy to please. :o)

This year, though, he really knocked all our socks off by writing us a sweet letter detailing each of the qualities he loves best about each of us, and ending it with an invitation to dress our best and go out to a fancy feast of fondue.  We don't go to many fancy restaurants because, well--face it--most fancy restaurants would frown on a whole family riding up to their establishment in a 16-foot long bike, all sweaty and clinking bike shoes on their fancy slate floors, but we all yipped and hollered at the chance to get dressed up and actually arrive there in a <gasp> vehicle!  

When Brian came to get us at 6:00 that evening, he was amazed at our punctual-selves.  I clued him in that we had began the "getting-ready" process at a mere 2pm.  :O)  The girls had their nails done, their hair curled, the hair feathers purchased by Brian attached to their hair, along with the tough job of finding the perfect accessories.  And let's not even start with what it took me to get ready!  :o)

I made a big deal of the girls getting ready to enjoy the time with daddy.  It was such a special time for us all and the girls have wistfully reminisced about their time dipping veggies and meats and marshmallows many times.   Liv received the quote of the night when, after Holland mentioned how awesome everything was, gasped and sighed, "THIS IS DREAMLAND!"

 We all have slightly dazed faces here.  You might think it's because of the food coma we are slipping into, but I like to think it has a little something to do with a flash in a dark room.

These two hoodlums look like they are up to something!  Also, the bandaids do not indicate an occurrence of any sort of accident with a fondue flame.  Reesie has to take her Mickey band-aids everywhere she goes.  I do love quirky kids.

Thank you, Brian, for your love for us!

Popsicles Forever

It was a sprite Spring day--

The kind that begged for a popsicle

A day you never wanted to end.

A Savor-Every-Last-Drop-Sort-Of-Time.

But that is not surprising when you get to spend the day with the stickiest, silliest, loveliest girls in all the world.


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