Saturday, August 17, 2013

Georgia Reese turns 4!

Happy birthday to the girl who asked to have the word "Revenge" written on the front of her Sunday School card...

 to the girl who calls me her "cute little mama" and who even wished for me whilst blowing out birthday candles. (sigh)...

Happy 1461 days of life...

to the girl who thinks stinky bathrooms are an aberration.  Bathroom sprays are even worse, as they tell her someone had a reason to use such masks of odor.

 To the girl who smiles with not just her mouth, but her eyes and her forehead and her whole being.

The girl who asks for food every other minute, and who packs her own lunch to have with her wherever she goes.  And who has a long list of items that mama needs to do now to keep the whole family organized.  The Lord knew I needed a micro-manager, but oh....those moments can be intense.

She holds her pencil correctly, naturally.  And she orders her own food at the restaurant and she checks to make sure the waitress does her job correctly, and will stay far, far away from Chechup (ketchup) and all other foods that give her itchies.  A girls who follows the rules, that is sure. 

And you can hear her wherever she goes, rubber galoshes smacking against pavement.  

Happy 48 months...

to the girl who gave this mom words..... for it was while she was still in my womb that words unleashed and have been dancing around ever since.  Fitting, I think, as she has a whole long list of big words she loves to throw around: courage, avenge, actually, famous, spooky and... more.

Happy birthday to the four-year-old who adds excitement, warmth, and intensity to our fam.  You are a star, Reese!  And we love you more than you love food.  And that's a LOT.

Decorating the cake at home:

A birthday dinner at home, followed by presents:


Party time at the park!

I thought it would be sweet to pick one of Reese's drawings to put out in a frame for the party.  I grabbed one I had saved. She had drawn it about 6 months ago. I thought it was cute.  It looked pretty much the same as her other pictures.  I put it on the table.

"MOM!  Whyyyyy did you bring my picture of daddy to the park?"  

Brian passes out eggs for the egg race:


What I wouldn't have given to have been a fly on the shoulder of one of these two characters:


Wheelbarrow races!

And a night cap of gifts.  :o) 

 What a wonderful day for an amazing little girl.  We love you, Georgia Reese!


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