Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here are the guests that came to Liv's party!

Steph, the flapper girl, with Damie, her gangster.

Ok, first, I have no idea why this photo won't rotate. But it won't. Here we have The Lasaters with their sons: Victor the Lone Ranger, and Kedrick, the pirate.

The Jenning's family. Adam was a cow-pie throwing contestant (he found the shirt to prove it!) :O) Red Riding hood, and Mr. Tiger. Sweet Lyla is so cute, she doesn't yet need a costume.

The Cute McCrory Family. Jonie made Jackson's cute cape and mask, and Thea's sweet tutu!

When Greg walked in, he said he was just a guy wearing a cape and trying to be a good sport. What a guy! :o). Suz wore a beautiful dress and mask and Zoe...then we have Spiderman and the Princess!

The Risingers: Darth Vader, Sweet Elliot with his feathers, Dragon Adrian, and Jelly Beans!

The Swannies, on the way to the BSU game with Hawaii. They couldn't stay because they were going to the game to celebrate Scott's birthday! Happy Birthday Scott!

The Wiebers: a cat, The Dread Pirate Roberts, Princess Buttercup, and Queen Liv.

Jan was a GREAT Charlie Chaplin!

Doesn't Troy look like one of those annoying tourists who should be also carrying a camera? :o)

The fun Drake family!

And my cute Farm Boy, Westley. I'd marry him all over again....even with the blond mustache he's sportin' in this photo.


Sharon said...

Oh the fun we missed!

Looked like a fabulous party!
Happy Birthday again Liv!

Love you!
The Cooney Crew

R said...

That's awesome!!! I love how you were both characters from the Princess Bride! How cool!


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