Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye, Summer...Hello, Fall.

When Fall hits, we actually can take a breather and look back at our Summer and reflect. Our Summers are so packed full of training schedules and mad dashes to the lake so that Brian can get his swims in for his triathlons, that from sun up to sun down, we never stop moving.

Last June, Brian participated in Boise's first Ironman 70.3. He did AWESOME. The girls were certainly troopers, as we boarded the bus at 4:30am to get to Lucky Peak to kiss Brian before the start. Aunt Amy came with us, and I was so glad. She helped carry the girls and the tremendous amounts of gear needed for the girls. Oh, and of course the token bag of "stuff" left with the wife before the husband takes off on his journey. Scott and Keri held a sign-making party for Brian the night before the race. He had many friends meet him at the finish. What a warm sight to see! I laugh when I look back at these photos. Shirts? Signs? I think the three of us are competitive by default. You can't be Brian's wife and daughters and not try to squash the competition.


I got to run in the McCall Xterra tri relay again. I love that race. It's beautiful in McCall, and I much prefer the comradeship that comes from running in a team. I ran the 6.1 mountain course, after Zach swam and Scott rode. I think I get the easiest leg of the whole journey. We placed 2nd once again in the co-ed relay division. These are some pics from last year. We didn't get any this year, because we had extra cheerleaders with us (2 cute little Wieber girls) and we all pitched in to take care of them. Keri and Dawn did most of the work. I humbly thank you!!!

The guys, happy and clean, before the race:

Time for awards:

And yes, that is a chicken Brian is kissing.

Now that tri season is done, it's fight season for Brian. That man gets no rest. I, on the other hand, plan on vegging a bit...for at least a week or two. :o)

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