Saturday, May 24, 2014

Around Every Single Corner

In this life...

There are so many unexpected twists and turns...

and it really is amazing that I am at this exact moment to meet exact people in this huge world...

 and others enter our lives and capture our hearts instantly and by design...

and if we stop a minute and feel the breeze in our hair and through the trees...

We will remember that we are alive and it's so good to be alive....

and there is beauty to smile at...

around every single corner.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Tug

She's hoping for a tug
at the end of her line

and she spent her last
dime to make it so

with a flashy new pole
and her eyes the color

of sparkles, she pulls
on her green rainboots

to experience the life
of a fishergirl in the

great Idaho pond.  She
waits, still and steady

and wonders what the
tug will feel like and

why it hasn't happened
yet, and I gaze at her

flushy pink cheeks and want
to tell her that I know

what that tug will feel like,







by JW

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hello, Sun

Clouds lay low

and so we had to go

way up the mountain

top, to touch the sun

to say hello, and 

to feel alive 


Notable moments:

::::::::::sloshing in melty snow water
::::::::witnessing a hundred and more others escaping inversion as well.
::::::the man who barbequed a hamburger and made the world smell good.
::::the single toboggan track that was born a race between Holland and mom vs. Reese and Dad.
(we lost, and so did our cracked sled)
::Greasy Appetizer Feast at Highland's Hollow Brewpub afterwards.


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