Thursday, August 11, 2011

She Is

She Is--
By Jen Wieber

Who is this fair child, gifted to me?

She is

carefree, she is lovely
like fresh rain from heaven.

silly girl, so wily
like pillow fight parties

a mountain-high ice cream
commanding and winsome

She is beautiful to me.

She is

a summer thunderstorm
so warm and consuming

like cold raging waters
naturally refreshing

A thousand buttercups
to gather and adore

And she is daughter to me.

She is

indulgent caretaker
sure and compassionate

a bright moonflower
giver of words and rune

like grandma's old hymnal
full of worship and praise
She is a blessing to me.

(My youngest little gal, Reesie, turns 2 today! Happy Birthday, Honey Pie! )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


She changed my life one day. I don't remember the calendar page, or what I had for breakfast that morning. But I'll never forget the words that suddenly spewed from my heart, through my hand, and onto paper. She was only a faint stir within my womb.

A joyful baby, I wrote of her and because of her. Paper and pen by my pillow and scribbles in the middle of the night. She is the giver of words and the encourager of heart thoughts.

She--with her exact ideas and her arms full of dollies and a whole list of foods she wants--now.

She--with her second birthday in two night's sleep and her notion that the world is full of friends just for her.

She--who doesn't miss a beat and loves riding in the grocery cart fashioned as a speed-car.

She is my beloved daughter.

Happy Birthday, sweet Reese.


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