Sunday, October 19, 2008

Queen Liv's Masquerade Birthday Party!

All year, Liv has talked about having a costume party. So, for her 5th birthday this year, we put together a really fun masquerade party. Liv thrives in big groups and lots of excitement, so it was really fun to put it all together. The party actually started 3 weeks ago, when Liv went door-to-door handing out her invitations and masks.

The guests were instructed to decorate their masks for the mask contest and to dress in their favorite costume. Liv helped plan the whole event...down to her own queen costume, the cake, the decor, the invitation papers, and even the guest list! She's really sweet....the adults in her life are just as important to her as the kids in her life. This is a huge bonus for Brian and I. :o)

Adrian, trying his hand at the castle pinata. I especially like the vicious look on his face. :o)

Liv, waiting to blow out her candles! Liv REALLY wanted a Queen doll cake for her birthday. I had a barbie with a crown that was given to us by my aunt Judi and cousin Tess. Then, a quick search on ebay yielded this cute masquerade barbie mask. I went into this project, not really knowing how it was going to turn out. I think it turned out better than I even hoped. Best of all, Liv loved it!

Sweet Friends.

Holland couldn't look at Grandma without laughing!

And this is poor party....STILL cleaning up Chelsea's Hawaiian skirt. :o)

And this pic is post party, also. No birthday would be complete without her best bud, Stellan.

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