Sunday, October 19, 2008

And the Winner's Are........

Here are the winners of Queen Liv's Masquerade Mask Contest:

Winners were picked exclusively by Queen Liv and given a certificate and huge spiral lollipop.

Best Suited to Costume:
Little Mary Drake with her sweet sandy seashell mask.

Most Colorful:
Princess Feyamita with her colorful mask and colorful smile. :o)

Most Creative:
Mr. Eli who spent most of the night carrying the sword of The Dread Pirate Robert.

Best overall Kid Mask:

Adrian the Dragon with his scary teeth and scarier razor nails:
Along with his lollipop and certificate, Adrian also won a singing bird in a cage (not a real one--his parents are relieved I am sure :o)

Best overall Adult Mask:
Darin Darth Vader won Dutch Mafia Bumper stickers, a gangster mustache, and Dutch Brothers Coffee Certificates!

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