Saturday, November 1, 2008

HP Cubicle Maze

Every year on October 31st, we visit Brian's work to trick-or-treat at the cubicles. It's a clever's warm, it's safe, no traffic, the candy comes from reputable sources, and we get to meet Brian's friends at work. Here's a pic of the girls before we head to Starbucks to get Brian his own treat before we meet him.

Here they are at the cubicles:

I think they should have cubicle mazes instead of corn mazes. Every year, I get lost. I seriously don't know how Brian finds his desk each day.

After our adventures at Hp, the girls came home and we got them ready for the Calvary Chapel Harvest Festival at the Fair Grounds. I am always impressed at the lengths Calvary goes to reach out to the community. Not only was the festival free and open to the whole city, but they also had huge bags of candy for each child, as well as tables full of pre-packaged cotton candy, popcorn, and bottles of water. Bibles, free, were stacked on another table. There were at least 4 different jumping/climbing structures and a whole room full of games and prizes. The kids had such fun and we got some much needed socializing in at the same time. Good times.

The best part of the day, though, was some great news we got from our friends, The Hughes. Their baby, Mae Violet came into this world! I can't wait to meet her!

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Sharon said...

You have THE SWEETEST looking kitty and the most BEAUTIFUL princess I have ever seen!


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