Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Liv the Diligent

I love these pictures of Liv for a couple of different reasons.

1. We were playing outside with Holland, Drew and Sydnie. Instead of playing, Liv wanted to rake leaves. Anyone who knows Liv, knows this is completely normal. 90% of the time, Liv chooses to do chores over play.

2. Here she is....getting dirty and working a dress. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

Another great fact about Liv: She has never asked for a toy for any of her birthdays or Christmas presents. All her requests come in the form of practicality. Last Christmas, her list included, among other interesting items, a noisy toothbrush and a real-live waffle maker. This year, she has casually mentioned her desire for a catalog-reading armchair for her room, and a Culligan water cooler.

Really and truly.

For her birthday, she was gleeful over office supplies, especially duct tape and a whole spool of multi-colored electrical tape. When I took her to the fancy hair place here in town (graebers), she brought our hair-stylist a present: A styrofoam cup with popsicle sticks ducktaped to the sides and an embellished metal fork sitting inside. Practical, yes? Eryn even commented on the fact that if she ever forgot her fork, she could use the one Liv gave her. I didn't tell her that she might want to scrape glue and sequins off it, first. I figured she could learn the hard way.

Liv is very industrious and hard working. Here she is, shaking the leaves off the tree with the rake so that she can also rake them into her growing pile. I had to pry her little hands off the rake in order for her to eat lunch. She really cracks me up. What a fun girl she is and I am so thankful for her!


Sharon said...

Hmmmm.... I wonder where she get's her drive from :-) :-) :-)
Ya gotta love her!

Chelsea said...

Liv is perhaps the most tenderhearted yet at the same time most industrious being on this big planet. I want to be like her...except for how she seems to be able to give new meaning to the phrase, "I feel your pain." I believe she really does, and thereby needs great power & strength from above. I'm so thankful she still lets me squeeze her a little too tight. Livvy Lu Lu, what a gem.

J said...

I have to thank God for you two, and for all the other strong female role models that Liv has. I am so thankful that she can experience God's love through so many surrounding her! It makes my job seem not as daunting. :o)

David said...

I like livs' practicality! How fun. On another note, Dodgeball should certainly be in the Olympics but they should use the old, hard red balls of our elementary days. No pansy "NERF" balls.

J said...

Oh for sure! Why do you think we have so many pansy kids nowadays. The red balls would definitely have to be reinstated. Good suggestion, David. I'll have the committee write up a proposal.

R said...

Wow, she is amazing!!!!

She is like Eraser Eater. He wants designer chairs from Target and protractors and pencils. Funny.


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