Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Funnies

As soon as my pregnancy began, I noticed a strange phenomenon: I no longer have any words. In conversation, in writing especially, and worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) in my head. No little voices anymore. I seem to have lost my creative side and hope that it will come back soon. Or at least when baby comes.

Speaking of baby...

We find out this month if we will once again be donning our little newbie in pink clothes in August...or if blue clothes will be all the rage. So, you'll have to cast your vote in our poll. Boy or girl?

I have absolutely loved having the interaction of the girls this time around. The fact that they understand that a baby will soon arrive, makes my joy even more complete. The girls have come with me to my ob visits and have even asked the doctor questions. During the initial ultrasound, Liv asked the technician (who happens to be our good friend, Marnie!!!) if she would "let us" have a girl. Ever since, she has told people that "the doctor said" we definitely could have a girl. Now, I am pretty sure that Marnie did not give Liv the green light on having a girl, but whatever the case, this is what came from it. Liv has also announced her plans to share a room with the newborn baby girl. Holland, it seems, will have her own room. But in the "unfortunate" event that the baby turn out to be a boy, Holland will "have to" share a room with baby boy, and Liv will enjoy new spacious surroundings.

Recently, Holland has announced that she will be also having a baby. Her name? Cup Water. Yes, that's right. You can just call her, Cup. When Holland eats too much, she arches her back, screws up her face and says in jagged breathes, "Ouch! Cup...Water... is ...kicking me... SO BAD! She also tells people that Cup Water will come out and play soon. So, please, stay tuned.

As for me, I am enjoying our little 14 week baby.  My belly is officially looking the part of a pregnant belly and I have just started feeling the baby move this week, so I am now embarking on my very favorite part of pregnancy. There is nothing like interacting with your baby before they are even born!  

What a miracle babies are!

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