Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Name Adventure

So we are on the hunt (again) for the perfect girl name. We haven't been struck with one we love yet.

Liv and I were having a conversation the other day about names. I teased her by saying, "I know! We can name our new baby, Liv!" I thought she would pick up on the jest, but alas, she took the idea to heart and LOVED the idea.

Yes! That's a great idea, she exclaimed with a squeal.


Oh, honey....we CAN'T name her Liv! There is only one Liv in this family and your name is very special--just for you. Anyhow, how would I call you girls when I needed to speak with you?

Easy, mom! Just say this: "Liv! Liv! Holland!" and we will all come.

(Simple, right?)

Sweetie, that just wouldn't work.

(Apparently, Liv liked this idea better than I thought she would.)

Arms folded, Liv told me: I don't care what you and daddy name her, I'm still calling her Liv.


Only Liv.


Picking up Holland from Awana's a couple weeks ago was an enlightening experience. (remember, we did not know we were having a girl at this point in the game).

At the door, her teacher was so excited because Holland had told her that her baby was a girl. Laughing, Brian and I explained that we still hadn't found out if that were true or not and that we wouldn't know till later in the week.

The teacher said, "Well, Holland said you had already named her. She said her name was...."

"Cup Water?" We both said in unison, as the teacher looked in amazement.


She was a little more than disturbed when we told her that it was the name of the baby in Holland's tummy.


The ultrasound was such a fun experience. I didn't realize till later that the girls all thought that we were going to get to take the baby home that day. So...the ultrasound wasn't as exciting for them as we had anticipated. However, Liv did comment on how she could already see baby girl's ponytail in the ultrasound. She also told the ultrasound tech that daddy needed to shave the fur off his legs.


JVH said...

the girls thought the same thing at our 1st ultrasound. It's too funny.
Good luck on your name searching, girl names a so cute.

Chelsea said...

Ponytails??!! Now that's creative!

Yo Mama said...

I love those girls! They make me laugh! The ponytail comment about Cup Water was my favorite. Drew thinks you should name the baby the baby Ella. (He actually suggested Natalie and Graci because they are here right now...Ella is another friend of his - boys are so unoriginal sometimes)


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