Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cute Little Guy

There were a few requests to see Brian's kid pictures. I do have to say that he was an adorable boy (oh, okay...he STILL is). While I do think that Liv looks a lot like he did as a youngster, I was pretty blown away a couple months ago when I saw pictures of Brian's little sister Amy when she was a toddler. I'll have to steal some of those to post, because they look so much like Liv!

Here's Brian in elementary school. His mom always made sure he was fashionably dressed (just check out those suspenders!) and even pressed his jeans to create a nice little crease in the front. Thank goodness I don't have to live up to that! :o)

And this picture was taken by Brian's late Gramma Phyllis. She was such a sweet Grandma.

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

I had those same suspenders. To me, they were "Mork & Mindy suspenders." That made them oh so cool. Liv does not look as much like him as I expected. Can't wait to see ones of Amy.


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