Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green Garden Thumbs

Since I am due with our little gal in August, I pretty much counted on no garden this year. I had visions of me planting and gardening while balancing on my belly, and then harvesting veggies in between feedings and life adjustment and decided to throw in the towel. That is, before the towel was before me. :o)

My wonderful mom-in-law, Jan, has come to live with us and I am ecstatic! Not only because of the more frequent runs I get to take along the greenbelt, the vacuuming I no longer have to do, the regular Friday date nights with Bri, or the help I get with household chores and the girls when Brian is under the weather. I am also ecstatic because the garden is tilled, fertilized, mapped out, and after yesterday, early veggies have been planted!

We took a trip to our favorite greenhouse last weekend and picked up spinach, radicchio, romaine, butterleaf, Sweet spanish onions, red onions, garlic, angelica, mint, asparagus, fingerling potatoes, red potatoes, and bakers. We planted them all yesterday and it feels so good to have the color green again in our garden. We also planted our blueberry bushes (inside still) and our indoor (for now) herb garden of angelica, morrocan mint, and Roman chamomile. Brian gets migraines at times, and Chamomile is known for their prevention.

Here is a pic of Liv and Jan posing with their green thumbs in front of our progress.

Here is a picture of Liv's garden. She loves to plant and dig. She also stuck in some pussy willows from our tree by the side. Did you know that pussy willows are the earliest signs of Spring? Hear that cold weather? I said, Spring!


Yo Mama said...

How sweet! She can come help me plot out my garden next! I have seedlings awaiting a home. I'm not a pro yet, but I'm excited about the fresh produce to come...

Kathy Nyman said...

How blessed for you all to have a Grandma that can do so many things & be such a help & blessing to your fam. Wonderful training about God & making super memories with a grandma that adores them. Love these garden pics.


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