Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coconut-Lime Chicken Soup

Ever since Brian and I tried the Chef-Special at Happy Fish (the chef creates whatever is his fancy) where the sushi was topped with slivered lime wedge paired with jalapeno, I've had lime on the brain. So when I found this soup recipe in The Better Homes and Gardens magazine while visiting the dentist, I just had to have it. So I began to tear out the page. Have you ever noticed how loud magazine pages actually are? I didn't. Not until I was alone in an empty waiting room, sitting 5 feet away from the receptionist, who glanced my way with every little agonizing tear. I did complete the task, even filled with a guilty conscience....I was, in fact, robbing every other person who came waltzing into the dentist after me, of a very delicious opportunity.

I'm happy to say that my white thievery did pay out in the end, as this soup is FABULOUS!

I had a very happy husband who immediately asked me to make it again. What made me even happier, is that it's extremely easy and fast to make.


Coconut-Lime Chicken Soup

1- 2.5 lb. deli-roasted chicken (I chose the lemon herb variety)
1-15 oz. can of unsweetened coconut milk
2 C. water
1/4 C lime juice (2 medium limes)
3 medium carrots, thin-sliced diagonally (about 1-1/2 C.)
1 T. soy sauce
2 tsp. Thai Seasoning blend (I didn't have this; see note below)
1/4 tsp. salt

Garnish ingredients:
Thai seasoning blend (optional)
Fresh cilantro
Lime wedges

1. Remove and discard skin and bones from chicken. Shred chicken. In a large saucepan combine shredded chicken with coconut milk, water, lime juice, sliced carrots, soy sauce, the 2 tsp. Thai seasoning, and salt. Bring to boiling; reduce heat and simmer, covered, 8 minutes or until carrots are crisp-tender. To serve, sprinkle bowls of soup with additional Thai seasoning and cilantro. Pass the lime wedges.

Note: I did not have Thai Seasoning, but I do have a cupboard full of seasonings, so I decided to make do. Armed with google pages that outlined the ingredients for Thai spices, and the help of my Thai-food connoisseur friend, Steph, I managed to throw in some things that tasted great!

Here is my very unspecific ingredient list to use in place of the Thai Seasoning:
2 dashes coriander
2 dashes cardamom
3 dashes cumin
4 dashes red pepper
3 dashes cinnamon
2 dashes dill

Being a rule follower, I was very happy with myself for improvising the ingredient list. It makes me feel a little more fearless in the kitchen. :o)


Keri said...

I have been looking for a way to use this can of coconut milk in my pantry and a good reason to buy some cardamom! So glad you posted this.

Yo Mama said...

Just so you know...I get that magazine and would be happy to pass it along after I read it and copy down yummy recipes, so you don't have to steal again. Second, I'm so glad you tried it. I've been meaning to because it looks delicious, but the Thai Seasoning issue had kept me from doing it :). Thanks!

Yo Mama said...

Yummy, yummy! I'm glad I didn't look at the fat content until after I ate more than my share. Yummy leftovers, too.

Keri said...

I made this halfway and I had to throw it out. Apparently I need more improv skills when it comes to seasoning. I may have killed it with soy sauce.


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