Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Leaf's Lament

I took these pictures the other day as I walked along the dry riverbed.

I was fascinated by the lone leaves, having fallen last Season, forgotten! But as the river was low, the water receded, and these beautiful leaves live on!

If only, for a little while longer.

The Leaf's Lament

Said the leaf to the sky
I would learn how to fly
But I'm shaking like a leaf, do I dare?

Said the sky to the leaf
It's a matter of belief
just jump into my blanket of air!

Then the sky sang
then the leaf sprang
and the trees were empty and bare.

By Andrew Fusek Peters


Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Chelsea said...

For someone who is so good at finding a great bargain & knowing all the right hair products & being able to run 7 minute miles (when you really wanna)...your poetic side still surprises and delights me. Love the pictures and the sweet poem.

Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous! I love endeavors that truly make me appreciate how much God does love us, to give us such beauty to appreciate, is such a gift. Thanks for sharing your talent!!


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