Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reese: 2 Years Big

With Reese's 2nd birthday, birthday season has officially begun at the Wieber home. Actually, if you really want to get technical, it started in July with Brian and my birthdays. There is a birthday in our family each month from July to October.

And that is why it is called Birthday Season (if you must know).


We couldn't have Reese's party until the day after her real birthday, and I'm such a sucker for birthdays, that Reese got real good and spoiled both days. :o)

Our family has a birthday tradition of crepes for breakfast. Here is Reese in all her morning glory, complete with sleep eyes, sheet marks, bed head, and birthday wonderment:

She opened her present: a new baby. And immediately wanted the diaper on. Good thing we have daddy for that. Remember last year when Brian showed Reese how to love her new friend? :o)

Reese's good friend Mary came to have lunch with her.

And Reesie loved finger painting the afternoon away.

And the sprinkler makes a nice pairing for finger painting afternoons.

But still, a birthday bath is needed. With her new baby, of course.

Nanette and Papa Snail treat Reese to a birthday dinner at Spaghetti Factory. Reese's favorite part was having the serving staff sing jovially to her.

Reese has two main loves in her life: toast and friends. I think friends are number one, but toast does follow a close second. In fact, the other day while Reese said her prayers, she thanked God first for her friends, Trevor, Joel, Scott and Keri, and followed immediately with Toast, butter, and eggs. (yes, toast is meant to be capitalized here, as it is a proper noun in our house.)

A Summer evening at our favorite park with Reese's special friends = birthday success. Happy Birthday sweet baby. And thank you, dear friends, for your special place in her life.

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