Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fair, 2011

We live right down the street from the fair, so when the first carnival trucks pull up and rides begin to be assembled, the girls can barely contain their excitement. One of their favorite parts of the fair is entering various projects they completed during the year into the exhibition contests.

It was especially nice this year because the girls were in different divisions (as opposed to competing against each other).

Here Liv shows the cookies she made for the fair.

And here she is with the painting she created for Brian for Father's Day. She won first place!

Holland shows us her bird collage, made with pre-cut shapes, torn paper, glittery rhinestone stickers and cloth flowers.

It took awhile to find it on the massive wall of youth entries, but after a bit of hunting we found Holland's photograph of Brian and I and Reesie on Bull Trout Lake. She got an honorable mention award for it!

And she was super excited to find out that she got first place for the painting she made of my dad (aka: Papa Snail) for his Father's Day present.

With an unusual name like Holland, we may not find her name printed on coffee mugs and barrettes, but we do see her name all over the place advertising either the country or the tractor line. Here she spots "her" tractors at the fair.

The funniest happening at the fair this year, by far, was when Liv and I were petting a horse. It suddenly let out a ear splitting sneeze. It sounded like his nose blew off his face. And it scared us silly. We both jumped about a mile. Laughing, I turned to look at Liv and her whole face was covered with lots of goo and green grass. It was disgusting. And hilarious. While I took a wipey to her face, she laughed and was an amazingly good sport. Looking back, I think I should have taken a picture of it, but at the time I couldn't bear to have her wear the horse sneeze any longer than she had to.

The girls loved combing the cow....

And riding the slide...

And having Mary join us for the evening...

The girls have always loved the most adrenaline inducing rides, but they also have a super soft spot for carousels and I love watching them pick their horse. I think it shows a lot of a kid's personality. For instance:

Holland chose the Zebra.

Liv chose the loudest and the fanciest horse she could find. And she poses just right to be riding such a horse.

Reese chose to ride with Grandma. :o)

And the fun house with mom.

And then Reesie rode away the night on the motorcycles.

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