Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sage Hen, 2011

We were so super blessed to once again join a very large group of very friendly campers at Sage Hen. Our wonderful friends Jon and Shannon organize this, and their attendance this year was especially impressive as Shannon gave birth to her sweet little boy, Gabriel just weeks before. If you click on here, you can see what my beautiful friend, Shannon, looks like (think: Anne Hathaway). If you click on this link, you will see my personal favorite picture of Shannon. Sage Hen is a wonderful spot to gather as a group....the site held 7 families and there are trails and hillsides and a lake just a short jaunt away. last year, 20 kids and 14 adults showed up. This year, 16 adults and 24 kids were present. The kids completely outnumber. Similar to last year, though, no adult was tied up and forced to eat too many marshmallows.

The frogs were rampant, the kids were rampant, and the trips to the outhouse...well, they were rampant, too.

Here, Liv names all the frogs with help from her friends. I told you they were rampant! I will refrain from showing you the rampant trips to the outhouse. You're welcome!

The kids loved digging and exploring,

getting dirty and chasing butterflies...

...and eating their fresh catch.

A campfire is a must for a camping trip. But songs around a campfire during a camping trip is a dream and exports one immediately to their days of youth. I was a happy camper to think that our girls will remember these beautiful times spent singing praises with "family" friends.

By the way, I love Holland's hands in this picture. And I really love these pics of friends Holland and Stellan together. It brought back immediate memories from last year's trip when he sweetly showed her how to use a bow.

Sage Hen is already building some wonderful family memories.
Thank you Jon and Shannon!

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