Friday, September 16, 2011

Exterra, 2011

I've been stalling the posting and documenting of this post. Because, you see, I have been afraid that the winners (yes, I said, winners) will be taken aback at the lack of photos I have of the race itself. Apparently, I thought the spectators were much more interesting this year (and one of said spectators kept me on my toes...need I mention a certain 2-year-old's name?) than the hardest mountain bike Tri in these parts. Even so, I think you will agree, that these spectators are one-of-a-kind:

If you want to see these kids spontaneously bust out their most hideous and funny faces, just grab the camera. It's almost like they've been taught to do this! We could take them on a traveling road show! Who's in?

Look at Reesie's face in the photo below. She has a great idea!

Noses are meant to be picked, right?

Look at the boys' faces here. Oops, Reese. Party foul.

Even racers get silly:

AND muddy.

And now I interrupt the posting of this race to show you that Wieber girls can, in fact, be serious (even if the attempt to be serious is silly in itself!):

This is the same exact look that Liv would give to us when she was an unhappy toddler. Our good friend, Troy, coined this look, "The Stink Eye".

And my friend Keri is --hands down--the best creative divert-er of children on the planet.

Liv has so many pictures of her communing with butterflies this Summer, that she is becoming known as "The butterfly Whisperer" around here.

Here are the racers and their families, pre-race...

Amazing swimmer extraordinaire, Kristin and her fam:

Super speedy Scott and his fam.

And now....the moment you have ALL been waiting for....

wait for it...

wait for it...


... the Winners!!!

The setting for this race is absolutely beautiful. The racers did AWESOME and their months and months of hard work paid off! We got to eat at My Father's Place after the race. Keri and I got to go on a trail run together. Our family's played by the water. It was a perfect "End of Summer" event! And I think my husband has already started training for next year's race.

I wish he were more competitive.

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