Thursday, August 11, 2011

She Is

She Is--
By Jen Wieber

Who is this fair child, gifted to me?

She is

carefree, she is lovely
like fresh rain from heaven.

silly girl, so wily
like pillow fight parties

a mountain-high ice cream
commanding and winsome

She is beautiful to me.

She is

a summer thunderstorm
so warm and consuming

like cold raging waters
naturally refreshing

A thousand buttercups
to gather and adore

And she is daughter to me.

She is

indulgent caretaker
sure and compassionate

a bright moonflower
giver of words and rune

like grandma's old hymnal
full of worship and praise
She is a blessing to me.

(My youngest little gal, Reesie, turns 2 today! Happy Birthday, Honey Pie! )

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