Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bull Trout Lake, 2011

Back in July, we were able to get away for a couple days to Bull Trout Lake with some friends....we had a very leisurely time....well, as leisurely as it can be with a 2-year-old. I think my favorite part of camping is the lack of phone and computer and to-do list.

There is nothing more relaxing than to launch out onto quiet waters in red canoe.

To serenely witness first hand the jumping of fish and the moving of clouds and

the shouts of "Reesie the Garden Gnome" back at the campsite.

This campsite was unreal. HUGE sites right on the water. It was amazing. So were the bugs. I got attacked. Brian didn't. End of story. Some resentment.

Every time we camp, I include a treasure bag for the girls to find fun things around camp. This guy was waiting to greet us when we first arrived. Unfortunately, (and fortunately) he stayed behind to greet the next guests, as he was covered in sap.

Reesie adores her friend, Mary. The feeling is mutual.

These cuties found flowers for their hair during our hike.

The girls are happy here. This was a process :o).

We even had fun with the cleaning of the fish....

And when you are camping with a toddler, the camera gets a bit lonely. So then you hand it off to your 5-year-old. This is our camping trip, through the eyes of Hollywags:

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