Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day To All!

What a privilege it is to be a mom. Ever since my first Mother's day 5-1/2 years ago, this blessed day has become my absolute favorite holiday. I love to celebrate my loved ones on this bask in the wonderment of having these unique, beautiful, and and fascinating beings in my life. I feel such gratefulness each Mother's day: to God for allowing me to be a mother in the first place and to Brian for joining in this journey of parenthood with me. He is a patient and loving example and I am so happy to get to raise our girls up beside him.

Brian got the girls together to help make Mother's day special for me. I got prepped the night before by Liv:

Mo-om! You know what we were talking about in my room with daddy? Your Mother's Day surprise! You can't know what it is, but you had better be laying in bed when we open the door in the morning! (hmmmm....could it be breakfast in bed, perhaps?) :o)

So the next morning, sure enough, breakfast in bed was served...Brian made me one of his famous meals (well, famous according to my palate anyway). He calls it his breakfast skillet and had sauteed red and green peppers, onions, and white and red potatoes together. Topped with cheese, hot sauce, and sour cream; it was amazing! The girls helped arrange sliced pears, apples and bananas on a separate plate and sprinkled them with lemon juice and powdered sugar. The rest of the day was spent at church, in the yard, and my favorite: a hike up tablerock. It was a blissful day. One of my favorite souvenirs of the day were Holland's Mother's Day sentiments, transcribed on a card from Brian. But before you read it, remember, we don't have a kitty cat. Also remember that Holland is 3.

You should also know that Holland is very generous with her words and is not afraid to indulge in "Soap Opera", or senselessly dramatic, language and this is actually how Holland talks to us daily:


I grew a deeper appreciation for my own mom after I became one myself (I do feel bad that it took that long...sorry mom! :o) This woman can do it all. She came over a few years ago to teach me some of our favorite family recipes and had 4 meals going at one time. Brian was in awe. His wife can only cook one meal at a time and it's still a 50/50 chance that the meal will come to completion without the apple pie catching fire, (true story) or some other catastrophic event. (Note: Actually, to my credit, I can now talk to people and cook at the same time without losing my train of thought or place in the recipe, or for the safety of myself and others to be compromised. This in itself is a monumental feat!) One of my favorite stories of my mom was when she lived on our farm. Newlywed and without a washer or dryer, she scoured garage sales all Summer long for old oak furniture badly in need of attention. She then took a lot of elbow grease and refinished them. Afterwards, she held her own garage sale, sold them all for double what she paid, and purchased her own washer and dryer set. That set still exists. (Boy....appliances just aren't made the same sturdy way anymore!) But more importantly, it outlines the characer of my mom: relentlessly hardworking, self-sacrificing, and intelligent. She is also generous beyond belief. That's my mom. I am grateful to have had such a resourceful mom to teach me her ways. However, the greatest impression she ever made on me was her absolute insistence that we kids treat the low man on the totem pole with as much respect and dignity as the high man. We would be expected to help the host/hostess at each event we were invited, and lend a hand when needed. She taught us to always remember the elderly, bring a token of appreciation and love when calling on a friend, sit like ladies and gentleman at the restaurant--being careful to not leave a mess. And meanwhile, thank all who served us--especially the bus boy.  Still to this day I carry with me these valuable lessons and hope I can do half the job as my mom did to instill these important values!

Thanks Mom! I love you!

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Chelsea said...

So verbally creative! That's our Holly! Love it!


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