Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome To My World Of Girls

Mom...sniff....sob...I just feel like I'm crying....sob...sniff.   

(maybe that's because you ARE crying, my dear.)


Gabrielle said...

I absolutely love this story. Thank you Thank you Thank you for coming today. I just love you and your girls and I am so glad to reconnect with you after all this time! Wow, what a blessing! I promise to be more organized when you guys come again. We worked the rest of the night and got everything put away, etc. BtW, we're having a multi family yard sale here this weekend, if you need to dell anything, price it and put your initials on it and we'll get rid of it for you and give you the money. We really didn't have enough stuff to have our own, alone, so we have invited anyone who wants to get rid of stuff. We'll get ready on Thursday and have the sale FRI/SAT.


Gabrielle said...

Hey, I made a button from one of your photos and put it on our main blog. You have lots of good stuff here. I hope you do not mind me sharing your page, let me know!


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