Thursday, May 14, 2009

She Forgot Her Other Daughter!

I've said this before, but frankly, I cannot say this enough. Our girls have made this pregnancy SO MUCH fun.

I am enjoying the kisses and daily greeting of "I Love you Reesie-Girl!" that the girls give my belly.

I will never forget the afternoons spent cuddled together--watching my belly move sporadically, while the girls shout with glee.

I will treasure the wistful wanderings of the mind as we offer up our guesses as to what our sweet Reese will be like.

The girls ask all sorts of questions. Some are very serious--such as whether or not she can hear us or not. Other questions are super silly like whether or not Reese will be born wearing a sweatshirt, if she has toys in my belly, or the fact that they hope she is born with braids.

Holland can't stop talking about getting to carry her up the stairs and place her into the crib. Our faint-hearted Holland, though, can barely bring herself to the top of the stairs, much less a sister. But we will let her dream for the time being.

Yes, our family has already changed forever and it's just so sweet to see it all unfold in our daily life.

I was tucking the girls in to bed the other night and mentioned how fun it was to have all 3 of us girls together. I was chastised for forgetting that there are now 4 of us gals.

But my favorite moment of sweetness happened a few weeks ago at church:
I introduced the girls to a woman I just met.

"Hi Sandra! I want you to meet my daughters. This is Liv and this is Holland."
No sooner had the words left my mouth when Liv sang out, "MO-OM!!!"
Looking at Sandra with an apologetic shrug, Liv explained: "She forgot her other daughter, Reese." Then she proceeded to pat my belly.

Reese is one beloved little girl already.

Here, Holland and I compare bellies in the mirror.


Sharon said...

I just LOVE to hear how the girls have taken to Reese already :-) What a blessing!

miranda said...

being pregnant is so awesome! I love thinking of that new little life that is growing and being formed every day in a new and different way inside! What a blessing!


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