Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Farewell to Soccer

The girl's maiden soccer season was a huge hit. They now, at least till next year, have a perfectly fun view of the sport. Holland can't wait to lounge the sidelines again....clad head-to-toe in her soccer gear. Ah. The joys of belonging to a sport without doing any of the work. That is how I feel when we ride our tandem. But, shhhh. Don't tell Brian. I want him to think I'm actually working back there!

But I digress.

The last soccer game Liv played in, she made 5 goals. This made her extremely happy. Remember: she's the competetive one. I wouldn't say she bites and hits on her way to the ball, but she's dangerously close to that reality. I assure you: your child is safe playing on the field with her. If she does resort to biting and hitting, we will seek some kind of intervention, or maybe enroll her in C.A. (Competitors Anonymous).

Her friend Alexander ran up to Liv after Soccer was over and asked Liv, "Hey Liv! Did you win?"

Happy for a reason to share, Liv responds, "Yes! I won! 5 whole times I won!"

We're now focusing on teaching her that soccer is a team sport. And that a goal does not count as a "win", but rather a means to a team triumph.

Progress, though, has been made in the Wieber Game Room. Our oldest will now consent her loss to her younger sister with a unsolicited handshake and a "great job!" shout out. I repeat. We are making progress.

Here is a fun picture recap of our last Soccer game:

Our Soccer Cutie.

Soccer buds...and a "camera-shy" Holland.

And a very happy Mary. (She just saw her dad :o)

And here Mary is with her dad and our friend, Troy.

I love this picture of Sharon with her handsome little guy, Harrison.

And her rosy little girl, Emma. Don't you just want to gobble her up?

Trevor is intently listening to dad's words of wisdom, while Mary tries (really she does try) to stand still. :o)

Trevor looking way too grown-up with his foot on the ball.

And you gotta love this shot! Check out Alexander's intense tongue curl. Talk about concentration. :o)

Farewell to our first soccer season!


Sharon said...

Jen you did such a GREAT job in documenting the 'soccer season' :-)It really was so much fun for our kids too! Good job!

Chelsea said...

Soccer was SO fun! Thanks for the memories! Liv was amazingly focused. Holland was adorable but disinterested. Colin was smitten. Alexander was distracted by bugs. Mary was, of course, continually on the move.


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