Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lobsters: More Than Just Pretty Faces

We took a small trip last weekend to Twin Falls to visit with our sweet friends, Mauricio and Anna. While there, they treated us to Chinese food. As you know, the girls do have a skewed opinion about fish and all other marine animals since Brian keeps up quite the tank in our home, but this even caught us off guard:

As soon as we walked in, the girls spotted the tank in the front, filled with lobsters. Holland ran as fast as her little legs would carry her, hopped up on the stool, and breathed, "Look at the lobsters!" Their GORGEOUS!!!!" Then Liv hopped up and began explaining that people actually eat those gorgeous lobsters.

"......., then they take them out and make them delicious. Then you eat them!"

This reminds me of another time, while dining at the Olive Garden, when Liv exclaimed, "There are a lot of waitresses here!" I was just about ready to explain to her that the word "waitress" is reserved for female servers only, when she finished her exclamation: "I saw some with beards!"

Kids make life so much fun.

Mauri and Anna are so hospitable each time we visit. The girls get to sleep in their bunk beds and are convinced, and have told people, that they built the beds just for them. A lunch, a treat and a craft is always waiting for them when we arrive and one time, there was even a lunch menu and the girls got to circle their choice. They are expecting their first child, a girl named Isabel, on December 31st. Please pray for a healthy delivery, and for continued health until then. Anna is the happiest expectant mom, ever. She is so positive and so nurturing to her baby already! They are going to be wonderful parents. Here are some pics of our time with Mauri and Anna:

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Chelsea said...

First, Contratulations to Anna and Mauri! 2nd, that picture of Brian & Holland is adorable...and so perfect because they are tipping their heads exactly the same...revealing their shared personalities in so many ways. Very sweet.


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