Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Field Trip

This is a pic of our first field trip EVER! We went with a group from our church to the Botanical Gardens. As you can see, we biked there. It was a very sweet time with just the two of us. We had special lunches packed and we had a great time enjoying the scenery on the way.

Brian and I have decided to home school our girls. Liv is in Kindergarten this year. I never thought I would be a homeschool mom...but this year has been so exciting and I am loving every minute of it! I adore this picture because it trumps my earliest impressions of homeschooling. Home schooling is not about "dry" learning while being held captive at home. It's about learning and exploring and finding answers together. The sky's the limit! Who better to have a motivated interest in the education of our girls, than us? We have so many fun learning opportunities thanks to the library being less than a mile away, and being able to collaborate with several close friends of ours who are also homeschooling. I look forward to more treasured learning moments with my girls.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Homeschooling has so many more blessings to it than I ever imagined!!! For them and us :-)
What a fun outing I'm sure Liv will remember forever :-)


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