Saturday, June 27, 2009

She's Got the Moves

This is Holland.

Most every emotion she has can be seen in her body.

See? This is what I call...good-natured exasperation.

She's a mover. She even shakes. She EVEN does a Kung Fu Panda stance.

Check it out.

And this is what she calls her "Move it, move it" dance, inspired by the animals of Madagascar. I'm not well versed in action photos. Nor did I have my flip video with me, so you'll have to just use your imagination to put the action shots together to formulate her dance moves. We don't let her listen to the whole song. But she gets to sing the chorus:

I Like To Move It Move It

I Like To Move It Move It

I Like To Move It Move It

Ya Like To


1 comment:

Sharon said...

You go girl!!!! LOVE the dance moves :-)


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