Monday, September 6, 2010


Last weekend, we up and left for a spontaneous camping trip, just the 5 of us.

Risky, I know, to go without reservations during the last camping weekend of the Summer. We Wiebers like to live on the wild side.

We drove up to McCall and the first campsite was full--the last spot taken by the car in front of us. We traveled to the North side of the lake and pulled into the campground there. We hadn't traveled 20 feet when, we came upon our great, great friends Axe-Wielding-Scott and his little guy, Trevor. Brian was thrilled to not be the only guy in the forest.

Apparently, Scott and Trevor were in the middle of "ManCamp".

Good thing the Wiebers show up, right? What with all their girls and all. But seriously--can you even believe it? Not only do we get to be neighbors to the Swans, but we also get to camp next to them without any planning at all!

Did I mention this was "ManCamp?"

We tried so hard not to ruin ManCamp.

We really did.

Yes, these would be The Wieber poles.

Yes, I did say "dancing."

This was obviously just a momentary lapse of reasoning on the girls' part. It won't happen again.

The girls got to fish for their very first time. They were so excited.

Notice the stylish trench that Holland chose to wear camping? She's a rugged one!

Liv tried especially hard to fit in at ManCamp.

Trevor kept good ManCamp form throughout:

Keri came up to ruin ManCamp with us.That was a highlight of camping for me!

This was the day before The Swans celebrated 6 whole years of wedded bliss. Happy Anniversary!!

But back to ManCamp...

I know it's hard to take ManCamp seriously when Trevor is the only guy in the picture, but just stay with me, ok?

Trevor knows tricks and apparently these can be exhibited using everyday items, like, say, a shovel.

Liv was able to learn these tricks. This was an added bonus from being at ManCamp.

I think we'll go crash ManCamp again next year. Thanks Scott and Trevor!
That was so much fun!

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Johnna said...

Great post! So cute, made me smile:)


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