Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girl's Getaway

Thanks to some pretty sweet (and when I say sweet, I do mean sweet, but also Su-weeet!) friends, a trip to McCall with just girls (yes, we left the children at home...11 between all of us) was planned and implemented and I was so blessed to be a part of it. I have known these ladies for at least 5 years--some for longer--and how wonderful it was to get some time together. I didn't have to wipe one bottom--not one--while I was there! :o) If that's too much information--too bad. This was monumental for me!

First, though, thank you to Sharon's mom who generously offered up the use of her beautiful condo and to Sharon (who couldn't come, booo!) who graciously gave up the beloved cleaning token. You are wonderful!!!

We also have pretty awesome husbands, to hold down the fort while we got to play. I tell you, all children were accounted for when we returned. And loved and fed and tucked in, and smiling, and just so happy to have spent some quality time with their daddies. Thank you, men!

Not only was it a beautiful thing just to get to sleep in, and we also enjoyed sushi, making dinner together (5 stars for Katie's Chinese Chicken Salad!), consuming large amounts of chocolate, hot tubbing, hiking to a gorgeous waterfall, being stalked by raccoon, and fun, fun conversation. I also fulfilled a goal of mine to learn to crochet. THANK YOU to Katie...who is a pro-teacher. I have found a new hobby that I love!! Oh, and what girl's weekend would be complete without thrift store shopping? I tell you, our weekend was complete! So many of our friends couldn't make the trip due to prior engagements, sheer busyness, or just timing. You were missed and we look forward to doing this again!

Here we are heading out to sushi:

This little guy and his scruffy little friend hung out right outside the back deck. He was so cute.

We headed to Goose Creek, a spot Suz had been to. It was absolutely gorgeous and we were rewarded with a spectacular waterfall view at the end.
We kept seeing the holes in the trees we passed. If anyone knows what, or who :o), causes them, let me know!
If caterpillars could play the lottery, this little guy should. He made it all the way across the trail without getting trampled on by those in front.
And this spider was dangling in the pathway. Thanks to my fast-acting-friend, Suz, I was able to continue walking down the trail spider-free.

Here we are enjoying the first view point.

And here Katie and I take a picture. I always end up looking like a robot in these types of pictures. It must be the angle. Not my short arms, right?

We made it!
I love treetops.

Even without our manly men here on this trip with us, we managed to stay calm. Check out our cool exteriors, here! We sure are brave.

Happy Trails were had by us all. Thank you girls for such a great time!!!


Sharon said...

I am SO glad to hear you girls had a great time! By the looks of the pictures it looks to have been a perfect weekend! Sad to have missed the time with you all but so thankful you were able to get away... it can be so refreshing!

Katie said...


Chelsea said...

Really weird to see you all just relaxed and with empty arms!!
Beautiful! Hope to join you next time.

Johnny Hotcakes said...

Did you hoard all of the bottle water yourself and make your friends almost die of thirst? Did you tell your friends there would be hot dogs, hamburgers and german chocolate cake and when they got there, there was none?


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