Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holland's 5th Birthday

It was September 19th, 2005--just me and my girl as dad and big sister had gone home. Looking at the squirmy bundle in my arms, by the warm, soft light of the a.m. hospital night lights, I hugged her tight and knew--knew--that this girl would have my heart, and I hers. And I still feel it today...Holland and I have a sweet little bond and I am so very grateful for her life. She is 5...yes, I gulp when I say it. But it makes me so happy to see her healthy and growing up so sweetly.

The morning started with a streamer doorway to walk through (thank you Sharon for the idea!),


and a tall silver-dollar stack of pancakes.

Presents followed. Can you tell that Holland's "love language" is gifts? :o) Here she gets some princess-shaped band bracelets from Liv.

Reese also got a present in the mail from Grandpa...

a present wrapped in such a way that also gifted Liv :o).

Perfect timing: Holland received a very special phone call during present opening from her good friends, Damie and Stumpy, Kedrick, Victor, and Eva. It made her morning!

After breakfast, Holland takes a spin on her scooter wearing her new finger-less gloves, sherpa boots, and cupcake necklace.

They all seem to work fine and don't get in the way of her serious form.

Liv and Holland's birthdays are only 3 weeks apart. So we'll plan a together-birthday this year. We've done this before, and had a special family time together on the actual birthday. But this year, Holland sure got spoiled. I always say that you are never quite alone in Boise. And I always also say that the girls are going to grow up disillusioned about friendships and life...that whatever they do, friends will be present. Church, birthdays, grocery stores, even camping....we seem to run into friends wherever we go. This particular day, though, Holland was adamant about apple picking, and it just so happened that Mary and Kaneda's Grandma Patti was in town and they had wanted to also take her apple picking. That, and a timely phone call from our awesome-and-husband-less-for-the-weekend-friend Katie and her two kids...we had a regular party going on at the apple orchard. I sure hope that Holland doesn't think she gets two parties every year. :o) But it did make the fact that daddy had to be away for work a little bit easier.

We had a beautiful, perfect day at the orchard and picked buckets of apples and plums. A picnic in the orchard made our day perfect. Here Holland listens to her friends sing, "Happy Birthday."

Georgia Reese walks with Grandma Patti.

It was a cross-your-legs type of day.

I'm not positive, but I think that Reese lost her britches. It's all a part of being a third child. It's character-building. At least I try to tell myself that so I don't feel too guilty that she's posing for a picture without any pants. I mean, shouldn't I be her advocate? It's not like she knows it's not kosher to be without pants!

Afterwards, I took the girls out to a Mexican restaurant. Holland was insistent that she wanted Mexican food. I took them to Chapalas, where she ordered....chicken nuggets. :o)

I tried showing Reese how to kiss her doll, and this is what she did when it was her turn:

And Holland thinks that is pretty funny.

Happy Birthday to my apple-picking-lovin-girl! You are sweeter than I can even describe!

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