Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fearless Fashion

That's what Brian calls this new look boldly presented by Holland. She calls it her Pony look. Ponies in our house is synonymous with the word underwear. Liv so cleverly coined this term as a little potty-training tyke who, ecstatic at her brand new package of My Little Pony undies, requested to wear her "ponies" every day. Now they are called ponies by us all. So when Holland tossed on this pair of ponies, and stuck her pony tails through the leg holes, I couldn't resist clicking away. Who knows, in some small cheeky European country, this may already be all the rage. :o)


Katie said...
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Katie said...

Holland and Lyla could put on quite the pony show!

Keri said...

Awesome! : )

I think Holland needs her own Fashion Forward Blog (or at least a weekly style report.)


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