Thursday, August 6, 2009


When Papa Snail came to visit a few months ago, Liv got this crazy idea to scare him.  She ran upstairs and was up there a peculiarly long time when finally, she dashed back down.  She had a headband on and was carrying.....a piece of paper.  "Rawwwwrhhhh!" She bellowed.  Of course, Papa Snail always indulges the girls' whims so he acted the part of a scared grandpa.  Of course Liv loved it.  I was a little puzzled as to why she thought she was being scary.  She didn't have any real costume on...just the headband.  But soon, the tables were turned and Papa leaped from behind the couch and scared Liv.  Dropping her piece of paper, she ran upstairs to escape.  Picking up the paper, I had to laugh.  And laugh. And laugh.  Liv's idea of scaring Papa Snail was to draw a frightful picture and shove it in the face of her poor victim.  

I didn't get any pictures of this event, but last weekend, the girls got together and conceived a similar scare-fest for Brian when he came home from work.  Here are the dreaded pictures. Warning: images may invoke fear.  

You may need to enlarge to get the full effect.  Notice the stickers on their faces.  Scary, no?

Here is a full picture for you to consider.  Notice the scary hanger attached to the velcro of Holland's Nikes.  You must also appreciate the undies that are looped around Holland's neck and arm.  I can't think of anything more frightening.  And of course, their expressions.  Makes me want to hide under the covers.  

And I sincerely apologize if you are now unable to sleep at night.  

Really, I am.  


Chelsea said...

The undies, the hanger, the belt, the tiptoes, the snarls, the drama...oh, the scary W girls. They are precious...sorry...more cute than scary.

Gabrielle said...

Oh my, I'll need to look around every corner, for sure! They are so CUTE, I mean scary. :)


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