Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our 12th Versary

On Tuesday, Brian and I celebrated our 12th year anniversary. These last 12 years have been the most wonderful and I am so grateful....so incredibly grateful....for this life I have been gifted. Since life is just a tad busy right now with the birth of our Reesie, we stayed in and watched a movie. We didn't even have to make dinner, thanks to our friends Jon and Caycee and their family, who brought some over! :o) Brian and Liv made donuts just for me.

Here is Brian's donut "game-face":

It was actually a recipe involving refrigerator biscuits and a circle cookie cutter. SO scrumptious.

We told the girls that it was our special day. To help them understand, I explained to them that we were celebrating the day mom and dad got all dressed up in a tux and wedding dress and promised, in front of God and our loved ones, to love each other forever. Then, we had a party.

"We are celebrating that day."

The girls thought that was great.

We had a fun night with the girls, and when it was time to tuck the girls in to bed, Liv was distraught. "But, I don't want to miss your versary!" I explained that it was time for mom and dad to watch their movie and spend time alone. "But I want to see you in your wedding dress! I want to go to the party!"

It was so funny and so cute. Apparently, she thought we were going to re-enact our wedding vows.

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Gabrielle said...

There is nothing better than homemade donuts!! Happy Anniversary! Reese is absolutely beautiful!


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