Sunday, August 2, 2009


Brian's brother, Jeff, has come to stay with us twice this Summer... treks he made primarily to unselfishly lend a hand to Brian and the many projects that piled up this Winter while he was healing from surgery.  I can't begin to share what a blessing it has been to have the extra hand, especially since Miss Reese will be here soon.  He has seriously helped me deal with all the nesting I am doing!  Some of the things he and Brian have finished in the last several weeks:

Built our shed
Built and finished the attic and new workout room
Helped remodel the kitchen ceiling and finish it.
Replaced brake pads.
Repaired the Blazer.
Broke :o) and then fixed our lawn mower.  
Hauled and pulled and pushed and yanked for our garage sale.
Planted our maple tree.
Replaced fire alarms.

Here he is, with 2 other hoodlums, fixing our lawn mower:

I don't feed him when he comes to visit, so here he is eating the drywall mud as a last resort:

Here Brian and I are, getting ready to go on our date to the Shakespeare festival.....10 minutes after the above picture was taken.  I did feel a twinge of guilt parading off to entertainment while he ate the mud.  But he's a pretty good sport.

And what do we do to repay Jeff....besides parade off to entertainment and make him eat mud?

Put him in a headlock.

Then laugh about the funniness of it all.

Did I mention what a good sport Jeff is?

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