Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Bowling

A few weeks ago, The Wieber Family went bowling.  I love to bowl.  I bowl funny, but I bowl well and that's why I love to bowl.  It's the one sport that I always, always come away victorious.  And when you're married to Brian, you know that everything is a competition.  

So normally, he doesn't get too excited to bowl with me.  But I think he agreed to go bowling because he was sure that my present pregnant state would hamper my usual bowling finesse.  Well, I hate to break it to all you Brian Wieber fans out there...but my pregnant state did not hamper my finesse, and I did come out, once again, victorious.  

Oh, and when I say I bowl funny, I mean that I bowl with my palm facing the ground, not the ceiling.  I'm not sure why I bowl like that, but I have always bowled like that.  But, hey, it works for me.  Why mess with perfection?  

I was asked, however, to point out that Brian was, in fact, bowling without a major organ, and also a broken thumb.  But who's really keeping track of that stuff anyway?  

Here's some footage of myself bowling because who doesn't want to see a pregnant woman bowl? 

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