Friday, June 5, 2009

Things I Learned Watching 3 Girls By Brian

Brian was a sweetheart and watched  Liv, Holland, and Mary for Chelsea and I the other night so that we could gather with some of our friends to learn more about raising children.  We watched a great teaching DVD.  The whole first part of the presentation, by Michael Pearl, was to encourage moms and dads to have joy in raising up their children.  While we spent a relaxing learning time on the couch, Brian had a pizza-eating-movie-watching-fish-feeding-ice-cream-indulging-crazy-kind of time and the girls had the kind of fun that can only be had without the moms around.  

A few days later he showed me this list.  It's definitely blog-worthy:

Things I learned watching 3 girls


Holland : Mary do they have watermelons in China?

Mary : Uhuh!


Mary : There’s Chester. He’s a good boy. Henry is a good boy……………… Sometimes Henry is a good boy. Belle is a bad girl.


Girls need to go to the bathroom in groups at a surprisingly young age.


Holland : Mary, I like your sparkly shoes. What happened to your red shoes?

Mary : They died!

Holland: Oh!


Holland : (commenting on the plastic roller-skate keychain with a bell on it.)  It’s a Bell Skaper shoe???? 

Mary : No, it’s a flat????

Holland : No, it’s something!

Mary : yes it is.


If the girls are spunky enough, pink boxing gloves are complimentary to ballerina shoes.

Feeding baby cichlids is a combat sport between little girls.


Mickey Mouse driving the steamboat in Steamboat Willie is extremely provocative to kids under 5. (He’s driving the boat, tapping his feet and, in the words of Holland, he’s “shaking his buns”)the clip must be watched to get a full understanding of what Holland is talking about. :o)


But the big "take away" from the night and the thing I’m the most sure of:  Ice cream and Oreo cookies could have prevented any of the World’s major conflicts if presented at the right time.



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