Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More of Liv's Creations

Like I've said before, Liv is very industrious.   But did you know she has had an "office" of her own since she was 4-years-old?  That's right.  When my mom calls and talks to her on the phone, Liv will sometimes tell her, "I was in my office...".  It sounds so funny to hear her say that.  In that office of hers, she crafts gifts to give to her loved ones.  Here are some samples of her creations:

Here Liv is wearing her "crown of thorns (nails)."  She actually made it to represent the crown of thorns Jesus was subject to on the cross.  Yes, it is made with nails.  Yes, they are bent.  Liv dashed to pick them up after Brian tore out our kitchen ceiling.  She's learning the joys of re-using and recycling at a very young age!  

And in her hands she is showing me my present that she made me while we were gardening.  It's a headband lined with English Daisys.  I love her expression in this picture.  That twinkle is seen whenever she is gifting one of her creations to someone.  She loves to surprise people.

A while ago, Brian gave Liv one of his trophies to use or take apart in her office.  She has crafted numerous gifts using the different parts of the trophy.  Here, Liv snapped a picture of us,  showing off our "bling", or our necklaces made from the stem of the trophy.   I also love Holland's expression in this photo.  


Stephanie said...

Liv is one-of-a-kind! I love her creativity! And Hollands expression is pricesless.

Stephanie said...

I'm really jealous of the way your girls pose for pictures. My kids won't hold still. 99% of the shots I get are of the back of their heads.


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