Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Main Street Mile

Liv had her first race last night. The Main Street Mile aims to educate on regular prostrate screenings for men, so it's a good cause.  The children's race involves them chasing, for half a mile, an ice cream truck.  This, too, is a very good cause.  Liv has been looking forward to this race for a long time.  Last year, right before the race, we needed to cancel this much anticipated race to attend a family event. So it's safe to say that the build-up to this year's venue has been paramount.  I have never seen that girl so giddy and excited. And that's saying a lot. I think her favorite things about the race were the ice cream, the tattoo, and her loyal spectators. When asked if she won, she said, "Yes. But I wasn't the first person to finish." The Blue ribbon is a nice touch for all the kids, isn't it? :o) My dad was a gem and ran with her. She was so happy to have him by her side. A lost hat, a side stitch, and running back to get her lost hat was all made better by signs and friends along the way and ice cream at the end.

Here we are pre-race. Liv is doing calisthenics to get ready.

And here she is showcasing her very cool tattoo, found in her race packet.

When the tattoo is on your bicep, it just screams to be flexed.

Liv takes time out of her busy race schedule to pose with mom.  Thanks, Liv!

My dad (AKA Papa Snail) and Liv pose for a "thumbs up" before the race.   

This is Liv's buddy, Drew.  She adores him.  His mom and I met when we were 12.  In honor's band.  Playing the cornet.  We have been friends ever since.  It makes it extra fun to see Drew and Liv have so much fun together.   

Hey, where's your number?  Oh...there it is.

Like I said above, Liv really loved her spectators.  She proceeded to pose with each one. Forgive the focus.  Liv was very blurry this day.

Here she is with Mauricio, the sweet husband of my former college roomate, Anna.

And here's Anna and her new daughter Isabel.  I had to include this picture, even though it didn't show the racer herself, because I just can't get enough of Isabel's hair.  She's 6 months, people.  And look at that hair.  I think Holland was 2 before she got that much.  

Liv was so happy to have her Aunt Stumpy come cheer her on.  She happily stood still for a picture.  She's not blurry here.

Liv greets the other Lasater family members.  Here is Steph's husband Damie and her handsome boys Victor and Kedrick.  Liv is blurry again.

And her sweet buddy Mary showed up to cheer her on.  Those who know Mary, know she likes to cheer.  Must get it from her mom. :o)

Like I is Mary's mom, holding signs.  Chelsea and I have attended many a race together to watch our husband's finish.  She, though, has many more years of being a loyal spectator under her belt.  She's been the racer, too, but it was from her that I learned that you're supposed to make signs to cheer people on.  I still don't, but it's nice that Chelsea does. And she was the captain of the cheerleader squad. I think that makes her an expert. Yes, I'm sure that makes her an expert. 

Yes, Liv was excited about the signs.  

Liv poses with her "Uncle" Troy.  She was so happy to see him.  Notice the tucked-up legs.  That is a sure sign of happiness with kids.  

Papa Snail and Liv run mid-race.  Notice the hand nursing the side stitch.  I don't know if this is pre-lost hat, or post-lost hat.  Either way, it doesn't look very snug.  What a sweet picture of Liv and her papa.  Thanks Steph, for taking this picture!

And Liv and Papa Snail go through the finish line to claim what was rightfully theirs.

A blue ribbon and an ice cream bar.

Way to go Liv!  


Stephanie said...

"Liv and Holland, Run! Run! Run" - quoting Victor, as he looks at these pics with me. :)

Sharon said...

Good Job Liv!!!!!!!!!!
You looked fast!!!!!! :-)

Chelsea said...

I have to say, my two favorites were of me hugging Liv and of Troy holding her with those tucked up legs. I was thinking that day that I kind of see "life after kids" starting when Liv came...even though we didn't have our own for another three years! She set a very good tone for all the little ones to follow. Love it. Great race Livvy Lou! I bet you'll beat your time next year!

Jan said...

I love her little competitive spirit! I especially love the picture of her still running with a side stitch! What a champ! She is so cute!!!

Yo Mama said...

I love Drew and Liv together. What a cute picture...perfectly capturing their friendship. I look forward to the memories ahead.


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