Thursday, June 4, 2009

Four Livs Mom

Liv is a very thoughtful little gal. I often go to put my shoes on, only to find that they have been stuffed with some sort of surprise...usually a home made necklace, a handwritten note, or duct-taped-plastic utensils tied to my shoes by a mondo wad of twine and a handy barrette sealing it all together. I sometimes find similar things on the floor outside my bedroom door. Every day she gathers Holland and I together to make a surprise for daddy when he comes home. Yesterday, it was cheesy bread. Last February she made a game for her Gramma Jan's birthday. It came complete with a self-designed fishing pole with a clip at the end of the line, a bucket of prizes, and directions. (below you will see that Gramma won a "sword").

She has also made countless "toys" for Reese....of which I have had to put away for later times. These sweet toys, unfortunately, would not pass safety inspections and laws for children under 3. The toy she made for Reese yesterday actually even lights up when hit with a hand. It was hung from a handy hanging apparatus. That's the thing with Liv. She thinks of the practical things, too. It's fun to see her help Brian with projects. She often will help him think through the details and Brian has said she has actually pointed out useful things for him to consider. She just "gets" how things should work together.

Yesterday, after a fun evening with the family lounging in our backyard and playing in the garden (ie: weeding and planting), I came in to find this sitting on my kitchen counter.

Yes, it's written by Liv. In the third person. Yes, it is adorable, isn't it? I would never have guessed that being a mom would be this amazing and fun. And yet, it is. Thank you God for such amazing blessings! Thank you God for our girls. Thank you God for the miracle of another girl coming soon!

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Gabrielle said...

What amazing children you have they are wonderful!! Hey thanks for the promo to our site, I see it over on your side bar, you're sweet! I changed it a little so for it to work properly, here is the new link.

Thank you very much for supporting our endeavor!


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