Friday, April 3, 2009

Crooked Pinky Toes, the Pow-Pow part of Hockey, and Eating for Two.

I was eavesdropping on Brian tucking the girls in tonight:

So what do you think the baby is going to look like?

She's going to have a WILD face! (This was said by the ever imaginative, Holland)

I think she will have 10 toes.

Do you think she will have crooked pinkie toes like mommy, or perfect pinky toes like daddy? (I'm married to such a brain-washer!!!)

She will have perfect toes like daddy!

I think she will have black hair and be the same age as me.

I want to change lots and lots of diapers.


We attended a hockey game the other night. Since the girls are starting soccer next weekend and have been learning the rules, I kept referring to soccer to compare the similarities while we watched. When we left, Holland told me that she wants to play hockey. I told her that she gets to play soccer this weekend, instead. She was excited about that and said, "Yes! I get to play a soccer game and then I get to pow pow during the game, too!"
I was hoping the "pow-pow" part of hockey would go unnoticed. No such luck.


Each time we go to the grocery store, Liv wants to loudly comment, so that fellow shoppers can hear, that we need lots and Lots and LOTS of food because I have a baby in my tummy. The other day, she was eating a cookie. She offered me a bite, which I politely took. When I refused another, she told me of the importance of two bites: one for you and one for baby. It was so very sweet.

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Sharon said...

I just LOVE to hear how their little minds work... actually hearing about it makes me realize how not so little their minds really are!
They were so cute playing soccer.. such wonderful pictures... thank you for sharing!


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