Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easy Gardening Markers

One of the most important things I feel I can do as a mom is to make my girls feel like major contributors in our family.  I like to search for responsibilities I can hand over to them in order to give them ownership, and to encourage those feelings of accomplishment.  I am so thankful for energetic, fun-loving girls.  In this short time I get them under our roof, I want as many opportunities to work beside them as I can.   

The garden is a great place to share responsibility.  Seeds are plenty, dirt is cheap, time spent outdoors is invigorating.  Gramma and I helped the girls plant onions, strawberries, and chives in their garden sections.  We made sure to plant LOTS of extra so that they could dig them up themselves without us looking over their shoulders.  The girls have been excited to see the flowers planted last year emerge from the soil and they love to water their gardens.  

In order to make our garden more, er...orderly....the girls created their own garden markers using paint sticks and crayons. They busily drew the picture of the plant needing recognition, and they wrote the name of the plant underneath. Their markers give their garden spots even more pizazz, and the girls were so proud of their work! 

Here are shots of Liv's garden:



And here are some shots of Holland's garden:

Strawberries. And apparently the sun is also planted here. 

Onions. Not purple onions.  Just onions. 

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Gabrielle said...

I love those markers for plants, what a fantastic idea!!!


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